Thursday, 28 November 2013

Away Holidays | For Your Travel Needs

Travel can mean many things. One may wish to arrange for a trip during a short upcoming break, or to ensure that one’s business trip is well-planned so as to focus on work. One may also be planning a longer summer vacation. One might wish to travel more extensively. It could also be a well-deserved cruise is on the cards. Regardless of what kind of travel is needed, one should plan his or her trip with a company that can handle his or her needs.
Away Holidays works with customers to plan their trip, regardless of whether it is a short getaway to a popular destination, a well-earned and extensive holiday trip, or a business trip. Away Holidays is the trade name of Southall Travel Limited. The company awaits customer calls at every moment.
Over the last year, Away Holidays has worked with over 365,000 valued customers who trusted the company to arrange flight itineraries and holiday travel plans according to their needs. During that year, the trips planned by Away Holidays totalled over £200 million. One way Away Holidays ensures customer satisfaction is by ensuring ATOL protection for holidays including air travel that customers arrange through the company.
Away Holidays opened their new corporate headquarters right outside London’s hub of air travel at Heathrow Airport in 2008. Away Holidays also recently started operating a new global customer service centre that includes travel advisors with a high degree of training who will help plan customer trips.
Away Holidays is continually working to improve the company’s brand, service, and technology. These continued, heavy investments in improving Away Holidays and working toward customer satisfaction mean that regardless of the nature of one’s travel, the purpose of one’s trip, the sort of sights one wishes to see, the places one wants to experience and the unique experiences one wants to have, Away Holidays can help plan a customer’s trip by working to find the best flights, cruises, tours and hotels for his or her journey.
Because Away Holidays is a big company with direct connections with airlines and hotels, it can help provide optimal travel packages, including the best hotel deals and the best air fares. Away Holidays works through its experienced staff to ensure that every customer receives respectful, individual attention and care to help create each customer’s ideal travel plan.

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